Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tre is a SHE

Today we went to the doctor and found out that Tre is a SHE. As much as J had said he didn't want to know, when it came down to it, he did. So we took a close look and determined that our little Blackie is a girl. Her are some pics of our little beauty :)

These are her hands and her arms and that is her body and the right side of the photo.

That is her butt on the right side of the picture and her legs extend to the left side of the picture. If you look close you can see her toes on the far left of the picture.

Those are just her little feet and toes wiggling hello at us.

That is her head and her body. You can fully see her eyes and her ribs. In case you still don't know what you are looking at, the round part on the left is her head and the right is her abdomen and body.
Now we just have to wait another 20 weeks to meet sad.

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